Digital Services

Sparksoft stands on its robust foundation of services and capabilities. This is what makes us so successful in delivering results.

Cloud Services

We enable enterprises achieve efficiency and cost reduction with optimized cloud-based solutions Sparksoft provides access to an integrated set of IT solutions efficiently and effectively, resulting in cost savings and performance. Our cloud solution offers expertise in current technologies coupled with a deep understanding of business objectives. We provide cloud solutions appropriate to customers regulatory, cost, and technology constraints. Sparksoft brings this experience to ensure smooth operation with secure access to keep business moving. Our team offers AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certified engineers.

Neethi Dhandapani
Senior Solutions Architect

With a Masters in Computer Applications and AWS Solutions Architect Certification, Mr. Dhandapani is an extremely qualified expert in cloud solutions. Currently, Mr. Dhandapani acts as Senior Solutions Architect and provides over 23 years of experience in delivering complex IT solutions on premises and on cloud environments. His experience also includes 11 years in application development and maintenance of projects in securities clearing, banking, and investment management, and 12 years in federal projects for CMS and the USPTO.

Vignesh Srinivasan
Chief Technologist

With a Masters in Telecommunication Technology and several AWS certifications, Mr. Srinivasan is adept in designing, configuring, and implementing large, complex IT projects and systems. Known for successfully working in close collaboration with customers, contractors, and hardware/software vendors to meet project goals in a timely fashion. Successfully led (hands-on) the migration of a major system with 5 applications, 4+ environments per application, 25+ servers per environment, consisting a total of over 30 TB of data to the cloud within a total duration of 4 months, over a 24 hour production deployment window, with zero outstanding issues post deployment.

Past Performances (At Sparksoft)

  • CMS/CCIIO Data Services HUB (DSH)
  • CMS/CCIIO Marketplace Electronic Data Interchange (MPEDI)
  • CMS/CCIIO Eligibility Support Desktop Change Utility (ESDCU)
  • CMS/CCIIO Enterprise File Transfer (EFT)
  • CMS/CCIIO Multidimensional Information and Data Analytics System (MIDAS)
  • CMS/OIT HETS Independent Testing Contractor (HITC)
  • CMS/CMMI Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  • CMS/CMCS Collaborative Application Lifecycle Tool (CALT)

Our key offerings:

  • Cloud Architecture Services: Application, platform and infrastructure architectures for cloud or hybrid cloud or multi-cloud implementation leveraging managed services and cloud architectural patterns.
  • Cloud Migration Services: Strategies, solution and migration of on-premises applications and data to Cloud.
  • Cloud Based Development: Build, integrate and deploy scalable applications securely into multi-tenant private cloud.
  • Dev-Sec-Ops Services: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD) pipelines using agile technologies.
  • Managed Services: Tactical methods for onboarding, provisioning and managing workloads on cloud.